Women at TNT

TNT Express has plenty of opportunities for women and, as an accredited “Investor in People”, maintains a strong policy of equal opportunities for female employees. Women can be found at all levels of our organisation, from Directors on our Board to frontline roles.

TNT won several national awards for its learning and development strategies in recognition of the way we provide our employees with the training, skills and career development they need to excel at their jobs.

And they are not only found in “traditional” roles such as Customer Service or Administration. An increasing number of our drivers and dock hand staff are women as well. Many women who have come from the retail, hospitality or care sectors have found they love the freedom, the working hours and, especially, the money they can earn in these frontline operational roles. And they also enjoy the support, training and camaraderie they find they receive at TNT.

Why women love working at TNT.

  • Flexible working hours
  • An excellent learning and development program
  • Great salaries compared to retail, hospitality and the care sector
  • Support from your colleagues and managers
  • A fun place to work

Watch the video below and listen to some of the women in TNT talk about how much they “love the job”.

  • Note that all TNT Driver Roles require a 'Medium Rigid' or 'Heavy Rigid' truck license.