"Treat your team members as equals. Never talk down to them, disrespect them or disregard what they have to say."

Robert McPhee

Supervisor - Perth

Robert is a great example of someone who has been able to build his career, thanks to his hard work and the opportunities given to him by TNT. He began with the company as a high school student, doing work experience as a clerical officer. He then worked part time doing data entry and joined the company as a trainee on finishing high school. His first full time role was as a dock hand, but he took up other opportunities as they arose. “I was working the PM shift to begin with. And from there moved into various administration roles, through sales, customer service. I had a good time there and learned a lot more than most people would out in the operational area, which gives me a better understanding and better appreciation of what goes on as a whole.

Robert is now a supervisor, managing a team on the PM shift, though he also gets the chance to fill in as an acting manager when required. “I like the hours – they are suited to my lifestyle. I start from about 10am to 12pm, lunchtime. I like sleeping in. There are two types of people in this world: larks and owls. Larks are the morning people and owls are the afternoon people and certainly fall into the owl category.”

"If I see a job I like or would like to have a go, the company will support me 100% and say ‘Yeah, give it a go.’"

Robert feels he has learned some valuable skills about managing people while at TNT. “I think leading by example is a big thing. You need to show the staff first of all that you know exactly what is to be done and how it’s to be done and show them that you’re not afraid to do it as well, if need be.” He also feels showing respect and giving attention to his team members’ views is very important. “Always speak to them as an equal and just treat them as they should be treated and you’ll certainly get a lot more assistance from them when it’s needed.”

One of the main things he likes about TNT is the way everyone pulls together to get the job done, especially when things don’t go to plan. “I love a good crisis!” he says, “In those times when there is a crisis, a lot of people step up. And just being a part of that … the excitement and the feeling that people get is something else, I must admit. That’s when I think people are at their best.” And he appreciates the difference this makes to TNT’s customers, “The positive feedback we get from customers is always a nice thing as well. I’ve personally had letters from customers given to me.”

"We do have a lot of people from all over the world here, which is a really great thing. It’s tremendous, actually – you really get to see and speak to so many different people about what they know, where they have been."

One of TNT’s core values is “Honesty” and Robert believes the culture at TNT encourages people to always do the right thing. “One example is one of my staff found a substantial amount of money that someone dropped and his instinct straight away was to pick it up and give it to me to try and locate the owner. I’ve worked with this guy for a long time and I’d like to think that this is the culture that we’ve embedded in our staff. Be completely honest: with the business, with the people, with the customers, treat everyone’s freight as my own. That’s what keeps us in business.”