Field Sales Executive


"There are plenty of times I’ve driven out of the office and thought ‘I’ve had a really good day’ because I’d ticked off all the goals and tasks I had set for that day."

Sara Smith

Field Sales Executive - Sydney

Sara Smith is an excellent advertisement for why it’s great to work as part of TNT’s sales team. After getting her start in sales with TNT as an Internal Sales Representative and working her way up to a Field Sales Executive role, Sara left TNT for a sales role with another company. But she quickly realised that she missed the culture and the level of support she had received at TNT and, after ten months, she came back to take up a new role here. “I realised what a fantastic company TNT was. So when I was offered the chance to come into the Corporate Account Manager role, it was a great opportunity.”

Sara is an enthusiastic ambassador for TNT’s corporate culture. “It’s a very supportive culture, very encouraging, there are always people who are prepared to go out of their way to help you. I enjoy the fact there are always opportunities to grow.” She feels she has had a real opportunity to develop her skills and grow as she progresses in her career. “TNT are very good with their training, so I’ve been able to put myself through lots of training courses and learn new skills and, as I said, it’s always encouraging – people around you will encourage you to go that extra mile and do what you can.”

"TNT really do offer the opportunity for their staff to move up within the business and they really promote that. I think that’s what’s so fantastic and keeps you inspired to do your best because you really can achieve."

What Sara loves about her sales roles at TNT is the exposure to customers that they have given her. “I love visiting customers and having conversations where they might have been having issues or problems and I’m able to help them and really help them over that hurdle. Whether that means right then or going or going back and putting a solution in place, it’s fantastic to do this and you find that the days really just flow, they go really fast.” And she feels the rewards that come with solving her customers problems make the effort she puts in worthwhile. “TNT are very good with rewarding. We have competitions each quarter where we can win fantastic prizes and there is also a commission structure where the sales team is highly rewarded. We also have weekly meetings where management will always give you a pat on the back and tell you ‘Good job!’”

"TNT has a lot of people who are very positive and want to achieve. I think success breeds success, so when you are around people who are positive and inspiring you pick up on this as well."

One highlight for Sara in her TNT career so far has been representing TNT Australia at a sales presentation competition in Singapore. She won the national competition and then went on to present in front of the TNT Board of Directors in Singapore and was delighted to be the first runner-up. “I think that just shows you that TNT will reward hard work which is something that is really important. Because it gives people something to strive for. I remember when they brought out what the prize was and I thought to myself ‘I’m going to get this! I’m going to do it!’ And I did!”

One of TNT’s core values is “Determination” and Sara clearly believes she embodies this value in her work in the Sales team. “I feel that I embody determination by being focused and being clear. So, setting goals – each day, each week – ticking these goals off and having the determination to complete them. Many times I’d have the customers come back and say ‘No, not interested’, so I’d try again in six months’ time, a year’s time, two year’s time – I was determined.”

Sara highly recommends working as a Field Sales Executive at TNT for anyone who wants to advance their career in B2B sales. “It’s a great role because you get to meet a lot of different people, you get to learn new skills because you’re liaising with different departments within TNT, so you’re not just in your sales department, you also deal with operations, the credit department, IT, so really get to get an understanding of the whole company operation. The benefits are that there is always support around you, so you’re never on your own when you’re doing this.”