Dock Hand


"I was attracted to TNT because I was aware it was a global organisation and it would give me a lot of opportunities to further my career."

Lyndon Gomez

Dock Hand – Melbourne

Lyndon Gomez’s work as a dock hand in TNT’s Laverton Depot in Victoria was very different to his previous job. “I worked for the Vatican. I used to look after the maintenance at the Vatican’s diplomatic mission in New Delhi. And yes, I met the Pope. I looked after the renovation when he stayed at the embassy in 1999.” But when he moved to Australia he was introduced to TNT by a friend in 2004 and was happy to take up the role as a dock hand because of the potential careers he saw within the company. “It’s a global organisation and so there’s a lot of opportunities. TNT invests in people, they give you training, they encourage you to do better and they keep you motivated.”

He enjoys the fact that working as a dock hand means working as part of team. “As a team, we always rely on others. Which means we need excellent communication with others. We need to set a standard of work, which means we always need to take the first step which others will follow.”

"My advice to anybody would be that it’s a very good organisation to work for, you need to take your work seriously and if you work hard you will be rewarded for it."

Since then Lyndon has progressed to higher levels of responsibility and taken part in new initiatives. “I started here as a dock hand. My hard work was recognised, which I’m very grateful for and I was given the responsibility of an Equipment Controller, which I happily accepted. From there I decided I would like to go back into the operations side of things and get more involved. I had put my hand up for becoming a leading hand on the dock.”

Lyndon’s experience in the operations on the depot’s busy loading dock meant he was consulted as part of the “Lean” productivity efficiency program. “They consulted me with regards to the dock operation. That made me meet people from different areas of the business and I was able to understand their views and they could understand my views as well. It gave me a better exposure and helped me understand things much better.”

One of TNT’s core values is “Teamwork” and Lyndon clearly believes he embodies this value in his work at TNT. “Good teamwork is basically understanding other people. Having an atmosphere to work together. It’s good to have different opinions and ideas, and that shouldn’t create a culture where people are working against each other, it should be always for the good of the customer and the good of the company.”