Customer Service

'Customer Focus'

"If anyone asked me about working at TNT I would say ‘Yes – go for it. Jump on board.’ It’s a great company to work for."

Ashlea Robinson

Customer Service Representative – Brisbane

Ashlea originally considered a career as a psychologist because she loves dealing with people. So when a friend suggested she try for a role in one of TNT’s customer contact centres, she jumped at the chance. “I’ve always wanted to work with people. I wanted to make people happy, make people smile.” Ashlea’s position as a Customer Service Representative was her first full time role, but she has embraced the chance to interact with customers over the phone, help them with their orders and solve their problems.

What to expect as a Customer Service Representative with TNT? “Sitting down a lot! In an average day for a customer service person, you’re engaging with clients, constantly talking on the phone, dealing with inquiries, taking bookings and doing as much as you can to help out TNT customers.” Ashlea enjoys the pace and the chance to help people but she also likes the potential opportunities working with a company the size of TNT gives her. “From starting in customer service I’ve gone through and learned different skill sets. I’ve finished learning all my ‘Bookings’ skill sets and I’ve also learned ‘Support’, which I found extremely interesting and if a position opens up I would be very interested in going further. I hope that TNT will be a career for me and not just a job.”

"It’s not often that you find a job where you wake up in the morning and say ‘I’m so excited to go to work today.’"

Ashlea also finds the nature of the work highly rewarding. “I remember a customer I got on the line who was quite distraught and she was considering not using TNT anymore. I spoke to her and advised her and asked what the question was and I resolved the situation. And by the end of the phone call she was crying again, but she not because she was unhappy but because she was so happy with the customer service I had provided.”

One of TNT’s core values is “Customer Focus” and Ashlea clearly believes she embodies this value in her work at TNT. “Being on the phone every day, you have to be listening to everything the customer has to say, open to the ideas that they provide you with and resolve on first call for all of their calls. And ensure that every customer leaves with a smile on their face.”

And she loves it when a customer goes away happy. “Like that lady I mentioned before. After I spoke to her she was so excited and so overwhelmed with the customer service I had provided to her that she just wanted to come back, she said ‘I’ll call again. If I call again can I get your direct line?’ It was a great call that one.”